Kate McClure told Judge Leary the kids WERE being sexually abused in the Grandparent’s home. Atty. Kate McClure answered him with “Neglect in the Future. DCYF Atty. Kate McClure informed the Grandmother “not with sexual molestation occurring in your house.

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Kate McClure told Judge Leary the children WERE being sexually abused in the Grandparent’s home. Atty. Kate McClure answered him with “Neglect in the foreseeable future. DCYF Atty. Kate McClure told the Grandmother “not with sexual molestation going on in your house.” The Grandmother asked her what she was discussing and informed her no such thing ever took place at HER house. The Mother’s court docket appointed Atty. On 9/26/05, at the Primary hearing in Region Court, DCYF Atty. She possessed her last medication dosage on 3/29/06, the morning of her review reading. The next morning hours they gave a healthcare facility paperwork to DCYF Evaluation worker Tracy Roukie. Before the newborn was considered, a member of family called DCYF and spoke to Nashua Supervisor Tracey Gubbin’s asking for the newborn be placed in his home. In the hearing the Judge couldn’t work out how the new Mom could be charged with misuse or neglect, since she never took her baby home from the hospital.

... Recovery After Treatment In Vancouver, BC - Options Okanagan - OptionsOn 12/7/05, the Dispositional hearing happened. On 10/31/05,05 the Adjudicatory hearing was held. They were then rejected an Administrative appeal’s hearing. He then reportedly started showing very violent tendencies. Methadone when she began detoxing and was right down to 9 mgs. The new caseworker started it and advised the grandparent’s she wished XXXXXX positioned with them. In a matter of quarter-hour, DCYF and four Cops were at the Grandparent’s house. The new Mother found that DCYF provided the judge with another man’s name, not the father’s name. He has since been put on Adderall for ADHD, which he was analyzed for in Nashua before he was taken and found Never to have. She was a recovering addict, on Methadone, since the day she discovered she was pregnant. The new Mother was court-ordered OUT of Methadone treatment in order to regain guardianship of her girl, which is both unlawful and discriminatory. Kris Geno’s call log’s also confirm the dosages were heading down, per the Methadone Medical center. CPSW Kris Geno told the new Mom not to start detoxing on her behalf own as it might be too dangerous and assured she would get her into Medical cleansing after being accepted by Odyssey.

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Gold Recovery ( Scrapping Ram finger boards)CPSW Anna Salvatore advised his mom if she didn’t sign for him to be located in Anna Philbrook Psychiatric Clinic, the Judge would court order it and she would lose all her protection under the law. She was advised the same thing as the new Mother (her sister)was informed. The Nurse argued with her and told her she was hallucinating, that this WAS her baby. In her circumstance, her pituitary gland hemorrhaged in labor because of the natural birth of a placenta previa baby. A fictitious man’s right’s were terminated as the daddy of the infant. Judge Leary ordered foster positioning for the newborn, without services to avoid placement as mandated by Condition and Federal Rules. Tucker who informed her DCYF didn’t want the new Mother around her niece and nephew even though Judge Leary knew she lived in the grandparent’s home. Judge Leary told the new Mom to bring in the evidence so when she have, he refused to confess it into facts. There is NO proof any type of misuse. On 9/21/05, DCYF Diagnosis staff member Melissa Deane filed paperwork with the Nashua Area Court for mistreatment and neglect up against the new Mom, who never even got to take her little princess home from a healthcare facility.

Her daughter was born 8/31/05, healthy and of normal delivery weight. She told the hospital personnel she required her daughter used in St. Joseph’s Clinic and was threatened with being imprisoned if she tried out to copy her. The paper was agreed upon by; Constance Levesque, RN; Margaret Speidel, RN; Laura Parkinson, RN And a healthcare facility Social Employee, Kathy Lizotte. In Feb. 06, the new Mother’s prenatal records and medical center record’s finally surfaced. Both children’s Mother’s data from the night time the kids were used were also absent. The Mother’s protection under the law were terminated by Judge Raymond Cloutier in June of 2008. ALL Talk about witnesses testified that the little boy wished to live along with his grandparents. Janice Watson from Healthy Steps testified for the state. The Grandmother published many letters, all around the Point out of NH as well as from coast to coast. The Director of the Aministrative Appeals product, John Dabuliewicz informed the Grandmother they don’t do appeals for people denied placement, but that isn’t what the foster care book’s condition.

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Then she came back with, “Why isn’t XXXXX lifeless? She was stalked for a week by DCYF, who reported back again to her man. She was also advised to move out of the new apartment she shared with her hubby. Her parent’s bailed her from or around 2/2/06 due to the need for urgent health care. The grandmother was rejected a foster good care license also, on the assumption she would not cooperate with DCYF. He also informed the Grandmother that if she acquired told DCYF what they wished to hear, she would have obtained custody of her granddaughter. Then she remaining DCYF. Kris Geno still left the courtroom and spoke to the foster stranger’s. They refused. Maggie Bishop advised the Grandmother she should have left her little princess in jail to die, stating if it were her child, that’s precisely what she’d have done. On 1/25/06 the new Mother was arrested over a warrant for charges from 9/29/05, after getting rid of guardianship of her daughter. Diane Griffith filed a Action with the judge on 9/19/06 to have the overlook charges be dismissed and the new information be accepted into court. Her puppet also refused to record a motion to have the charges dismissed.